Hermann's Tales 1

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Benedictus Caleo told me he had been given a mission: Find out what was happening at a cold spot near Heldren Village. We and another friend of his, called Lazarus Quinelle, went to Heldren and found that a lot of trouble had happened yesterday.

A guard said his caravan had been attacked by bandits and a lady had been taken prisoner. He ran away and survived, but had a silly tale about a talking deer.

Benedictus said we would go and rescue the lady, and investigate the cold area. We met up with several other adventurers that also wanted to go rescue the lady, and we all set off.

After a few hours of walking we found where the caravan had been attacked, and while Benedictus was looking at one of the wagons, two zombies burst out of it and attacked him. I killed one of the zombies, the other was killed by one of our new friends. We then arranged the bodies to be buried and Benedictus read a sermon for them. We then turned to the forest nearby. Where it was snowing. In summer.

As we stepped into the forest, the cold hit us. I swore something and suddenly wasn’t cold any more – I must have used magic again. I don’t like using my magic, ’cos the more I use it, the more I will turn into a dragon. Still, it was nice to be warm.

We slogged through the snow for ages, following the only path through the forest. Suddenly we were attacked by a tiny dragon. We killed it, then Benedictus healed us all up.

A bit later we came across a chest in the snow. Benedictus wanted it dug out, so we all went and helped. Turns out it was a trap. Benedictus healed us all up again, but noticed that Lazarus was shivering with cold. He told me that people could die from the cold here, and asked me if I could do anything to help.

As much as I didn’t want to use my magic, there was a good chance that our friend would die without it, so I tried to use my magic to protect him like it protected me. I cursed, kind of pushed something at him, and touched his shoulder. Whatever I did seemed to work, though, as he quickly stopped shivering and soon seemed a lot better.

We carried on pushing through the snow and were attacked by a bunch of fairies. These little pests were almost invisible against the snow, and they shot at us with tiny poisoned arrows. One of our friends, on horseback, charged off to fight them, and I followed.

Just as he reached one it shot a rainbow coloured cone at him – these pests had magic! He fell over, leaving the fairy to me. I shoved seven feet of spear through it’s chest, killing it instantly. I then realised that I had left Benedictus on his own. He seemed to be doing okay for himself, shooting at another fairy I couldn’t see. I dropped my spear, took out my crossbow, and after loading it started wading towards my friends. I suddenly saw the third one as it furiously attacked Lazarus, so I took a snap shot at it, taking it through the eye and killing it dead.

I reloaded and carried on towards Benedictus, but when he started fighting it I just couldn’t manage to hit it. Luckily another of our friends killed it before it managed to hurt Benedictus.

Benedictus healed us again and after I picked up my spear, we carried on along the path.

Then it got weird. We came across a big deer, that started talking to us. It told us that the lady had left the woods and it was no use carrying on further into the forest. After my friends had a long talk with it we decided to carry on anyway – there was no way we would go back to town and say that we had given up trying to rescue the lady ‘because a deer told us’.

After even more slogging through the snow we came to a snowman with a ‘go away’ sign on it.

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Hermann's Tales 1

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