Land Of The Linnorm Kings

The Linnorm Kings rule, in name at least, Avistan’s extreme northwest-a frigid, rugged land of rich taiga, treacherous marshes and great boulder strewn moraines left by departed glaciers.
The coastline is bracing and cool, and it rains half the year and snows heavily during the rest. further to the east the land grows increasingly colder, up to the frozen borders of Irrisen, which seized the eastern reaches of this domain 1,400 years ago and shows no intention of returning them.
Life is hard for the natives of this realm. What land is not frozen marsh is heavily seasoned with stones and boulders, and starvation is a grim specter in the depths of winter. As a result, many able-bodied adults engage in trade in the summer months, bringing from the south additional food, luxuries, and various odditiesof the Inner Sea. Such travelers also pack their axes and circular shields, in case an oppertunity to plunder presents itself. Every citizen is a viking at heart, and distant lands are less dangerous than this cold homeland.
It is not only the cold and creatures of the wild that make this land so perilous. The wilderness between the steadings is also dominated by fey creatures and linnorms, for rifts between Golarion and the first world run through this land. Fey creatures are common here, along with gnomes, azatas, trolls, and nature spirits. There are enchanted animals that can both plead for their lives and utter dire curses against their attackers, and more deadly creatures as well. The most deadly of these otherwordly creatures are the legendary linnorms, vast beasts said to be Golarion’s first dragons, and the beasts a warlord must slay if he is to become a Linnorm King.

The vast reach of land occupying the northwestern corner of Avistan has long been the home of the Linnorm Kings. No one is quite sure where the first Linnorm King came from-they were certainly in power long before the first explorers from the south ventured into the rugged northlands. The Linnorm Kings are not only masters of this harsh realm, but of the sea itself. As early as -473 ar, Linnorm King Ulvass led a fleet of barbarians west to discover Arcadia and establish Valenhall as an earthly paradise. Through the ages that followed, stories of exceptional Ulfen have emerged-but for Avistan, the legends and tales of Ulfen raiders on dragon headed longboats are what haunt dreams and capture the imagination.

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Land Of The Linnorm Kings

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