Cavalier.jpgWhile many warriors strive to perfect their art, spending all of their time honing their skill at martial arms, others spend as much effort dedicating themselves to a cause. These warriors, known as cavaliers, swear themselves to a purpose, serving it above all else. Cavaliers are skilled at fighting from horseback, and are often found charging across a battlefield, with the symbol of their order trailing on a long, fluttering banner. The cavalier’s true power comes from the conviction of his ideals, the oaths that he swears, and the challenges he makes.

Role: Cavaliers tend to marshal forces on the battlefield, using their mounted talents and challenges to control the flow of the fight. Outside of battle, cavaliers can be found advancing their cause through diplomacy and, if needed, subterfuge. The cavalier is no stranger to courtly intrigue and can hold his own in even the most delicate of social situations.

Society: Cavaliers are a common sight amongst the provinces of Taldor, and are often seen mixing as military commanders and advisers, apt players in the cut thoat nature of Taldan politics. To find one that is just and not corrupt is a rare occurance and these beacons of hope and purity often shine a light on those that are lacking the same moral convictions, as such they often find themselves pushed to duties away from the cities and out into the frontier elements of the Kingdom.
In the Land Of The Linnorm Kings they take a different form and whilst they still adopt a role as battlefield commander it tends to be as leaders of raiding parties or border skirmishes, often forgoing the cavaliers traditional heavy armour and lance, in favour of the kingdoms more traditional chainmail and axe approach.

Races: Due to their involement in Taldor politics, Humans tend to be the favored race, as the natural predjudice against other races prohibits their advancement and station. In the Linnorm Kingdoms it follows a similar suit, as leaders of raiding parties the native Ulfen often trust in the judgement of there own than that of a dwarf or gnome.


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