Hermann Fruktawyrm

Tall, pale, white-haired and mustached, posessing characteristics betraying this human's northern heritage. Clad in a hooded cloak, this mercenary keeps his spear to hand. But wait, is his skin perhaps a touch too pale?

Race Human
Homeland Land Of The Linnorm Kings
Deity Sarenrae
Level 7
Draconic Sorcerer 6 /
Dragon Desciple 1
Alignment Neutral Good
Ability Score ( Modifier)
STR 14 ( +2 )
DEX 14 ( +2 )
CON 16 ( +3 )
INT 7 ( -2 )
WIS 7 ( -2 )
CHA 18 ( +4 )
Saving Throws
Fortitude +7
Reflex +4
Will +4

Armour Class (AC) 15
Touch 12, Flat-Footed 13
Base Attack Bonus +3
CMB +5, CMD 17
Initiative +2
Hit Points 69
Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Eschew
Material Components, Point Blank Shot,
Precise Shot, Arcane Strike, Combat Reflexes,
Heighten Spell, Toughness
Walk Movement: 30ft
Run Movement: 60ft
Sprint Movement: 90ft
Skill Name Total = Ab. Mod. + Ranks + Misc/Class
Knowledge: Arcana +6 = -2 + 5 + +3
Linguistics -1 = -2 + 1 + +0
Perception +2 = -2 + 1 + +3
Spellcraft +7 = -2 + 6 + +3
Use Magic Device +8 = +4 + 1 + +3
MW LongSpear
MW Light Crossbow
25x Bolts
Travellers Outfit
Cloak Of The Yeti
Snow Shoes
Magic Ring
Potion of Featherstep
Mess Kit
Winter Blanket
1 wk Trail Rations
Belt Pouch
Wand of Color Spray: 21
Wand of Spider Climb: 17
Wand of True Strike: 5
Wand of Ice Spears: 10
Bead of Newt Prevention




Just over five centuries ago there was a Linnorm raider by the name of Hothgar Unglavasten. He and his men sailed south on great voyages of acquisition, returning time and again with their ship laden with the spoils of war.

One such voyage proved his undoing. He and his men had sailed far south and found an island that was seemingly poorly defended. They easily bested the meagre militia arrayed against them and had taken much loot, pressing the youths of the village into being beasts of burden to transport it back to their ship. Unbeknown to them this isle was defended by a young brass dragon, Kossryn, that had offered the islanders protection in exchange for a steady diet of livestock. One of the villagers managed to reach Kossryn and raise the alarm, whereupon he sallied forth to do battle.

His first sleep gas attack put paid to all the youths and over a third of Hothgar’s crew. Upon their honour they could not run away and leave their shipmates to a dragon’s tender mercies, so Hothgar and his men rained ranged death up at Kossryn, forcing him to land.

The battle that ensued was bitter and to the death. At its end, the only beings left standing were Hothgar and two crewmen. They woke those that slept on, and fed upon the flesh of their honourable foe. Hothgar got the dragon’s heart, the two standing crew took its kidneys, and so on.

The journey home was not to be a quiet one. Laden as the ship was, it travelled slow and was long at sea. Disease broke out amongst the crew, and crewmate after crewmate died from this mysterious malady. Some thought it poisoned flesh of the dragon, but soon those that had not eaten dragonflesh also fell ill and died.

Eventually Hothgar piloted his ship alone, as best as he was able. Months he was alone on the waves, and unfortunately had fallen asleep when he reached the coastline near his home. The ship was lost in the wreck, as was the dragon’s head that had been kept as a trophy. All Hothgar came ashore with was the clothes on his back, the rest gone to the watery depths.

No-one believed that he had fought and killed a dragon. He fought a honour duel in order to prove his take on events, but was still so weak from his endeavours that he was easily bested. Disgraced, he retired to a peasant’s life, tending sheep and finding a wife. Unbeknownst to him Kossryn left a long shadow on his bloodline – they were tainted.

Every decade or so the magical potential of one of Hothgar’s descendants would awaken – the effect of Kossryn being felt even centuries after his passing. Each would, if they survived long enough, slowly begin transforming into a brass dragon. And in the land of the linnorm kings such a thing was met with a grisly fate, so many that emerged fled for foreign lands.

Such an event was to happen to Matias and Disa. Matias Unglavasten was in his third decade when he started to spontaneously cast magic. Having heard of an aunt that had been killed for developing dragon characteristics after she had mysteriously started casting magic, he took the initiative and left with his wife for sunnier climes. They eventually settled in the tiny village of Goats Rest near Cassomir and gave birth to their only son, Hermann.

Hermann did not learn just why his parents fled the lands of the Linnorm Kings until shortly after his sixteenth birthday. That fateful day he was arguing with his life-long friend Kinneas when he accidently lost his temper and his draconic heritage emerged for the first time. Whilst brawling with Kinneas, he spontaneously manifested claws, instantly eviscerating the poor fellow.

Hermann fled in horror at what he had done, and was lucky that the first people he met were his parents. They told him what little they knew of his heritage, namely that every so often someone in the family will become dragon-like. They gave him some money to tide him over, and for his own safety, bade him to leave the area of Cassomir forever.

Hermann ran far and long. He died his hair white, grew a moustache, learned how to disguise his features, took on a new surname, and lived a nomadic life as a caravan guard. All was good for several years until the caravan he was working in was due to go back to Cassomir, so he left it in search of new employment opportunities.

Then he met a cleric of Sarenrae called Benedictus Caleo, and his life changed once again. Benedictus regularly travelled between several villages in his rather large parish, and they just happened to share one leg of the journey. Within the day Hermann was half converted by Benedictus’ insightful words, and somehow found himself sharing his woeful history.

Upon hearing Hermann’s tragic tale, Benedictus offered him a path to absolution for his sins. As penance, travel with and aid him as he carries out the good works of Sarenrae until such time as the Dawnflower decrees he has earned forgiveness. At such a time Benedictus will then perform the rites to free Hermann of the burden of his misdeeds, and he may return home with a clear conscience if he so wished. Hermann accepted this penance, somehow knowing that Benedictus spoke true and could be trusted.

So it was that Benedictus gained a travelling companion and bodyguard, and Hermann in return gained safety and friendship, with the possibility of absolution to come.

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Hermann Fruktawyrm

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