Argus Goldtooth

Heldren Village Barber


Argus is a ginger dwarf male, he is slim for one of his race and has had most of his teeth extracted, These have been replaced with gold teeth giving Argus a very unique smile.


An artist with razors and scissors, Argus works as the village Barber and offers shaves, haircuts, and dentistry, as well as “leechery and other surgical proceedings.” Argus is a fair healer, though he is prone to prescribing leeches for most maladies, from stomach aches to broken bones. Argus offers gold teeth to replace extracted ones and is his own best customer. Argus has something of a crush on his neighbour Tessarea Willowbark which is town knowledge to everyone except Tessarea. Argus has never acted on his feelings but the two have struck up an unlikely friendship, and it’s not uncommon sight to find Argus helping tend Tessarea’s garden on Sunday’s or sharing a pint with her at The Silver Stoat in the evenings.

Argus Goldtooth

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