The Reign Of Winter

An Adventure Begins...

The adventure begins on a warm summer day, the birds are chirping and are settled in from their winter break and the farmers crops are already growing nicely and the harvest this year in the kingdom of Taldor looks set to be a good one. All seems well. That was until a few weeks ago when a strange chill crept into the forest near the sleepy Village of Heldren. The local lord has sent his son Benedictus Caleo and his friends Hermann Fruktawyrm and Giorgio Coronado to investigate this strange event. Word of this magical winter has reached the ears of the high priest of Sarenrae in the capital of Oppara, finding this portent worrying and confusing, the church has dispatched one of it’s adventuring investigators Lazarus to accompany the nobles son.
Meanwhile in the harsh frozen north of the Land Of The Linnorm Kings a local druid Kjell Thundersturm discovered these early portents and along with his friend Idrin Truetemper they have followed the ancient lay lines into the heart of Taldor and it is in Heldren that our fated heroes meet. Finding that they share a common goal in searching out this unnatural weathers source, they decide to band together and pool their resources and aid each other in this quest.

Whilst asking around the village for any information concerning the forest and it’s new winter climate our heroes hear of a coach that has been ambushed near it’s edge. The only survivor was an Ulfen bodyguard who explained that he was escorting a Taldorian noble woman named Lady Argentia to Oppara when they were set upon by bandits and strange wintery fey. Whilst understanding the urgency of finding out the cause of this magical winter, the party couldn’t stand by whilst an innocent woman lay in the clutches of bandits, and so agreed to venture into the woods to rescue her. Detailing all the information that he could remember from the battle the Ulfen warrior gifted the Cavalier Sir Coronado his blade and explained it’s effectiveness against the fey creatures. Thanking him for the gesture Giorgio took the blade and organised the party into leaving, and so they readied themselves and headed to the site of the coaches ambush.
Upon arriving at the seen it was clear that a very one sided battle had been fought here. Corpses of the lady’s bodyguard lay strewn across the frozen floor their bodies slowly sucumbing to the chill and snow. finding evidence of Necromancy the party was even more determined to find the person responsible and put an end to his crimes, after a quick skirmish with some Zombies left as a trap, the party started to follow the easily ladden foot prints of the bandits and their prize.


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